Saturday, December 12, 2015

best leather Fossil purses... converted into diaper bags = LOVE

I hit a sale at Dillards last week, before the baby, that involved buying Fossil hand bags. They were more than 70% off. And I was given the go ahead for these Lily Jade ones (by Brad)- at my sister's recommendation, I just couldn't do it though all that $$ on one bag. She loves the backpack style ones and so do I so I kept searching around the internet and department stores that carry leather bags.
 The first bag I found at Dillards was already clearanced, but I wasn't sold because I was looking for a backpack strap and this was a tote. But the size was perfect and it was leather! So I kept that one on the back burner, it was around $165 on sale.

Emerson Tote = LOVE

The Sac backpack...meh  no

my Fossil wallet

  I left and shopped at some other stores not finding anything.  I went back on black  Friday afternoon and the mall was empty. To have a re-look at the bags I liked. There was a new backpack by Fossil called the Preston, that was not there the day before either. It was also on clearance. The new sign said take an additional 50% off the lowest price (clearance) So I bought both the Preston and Emerson and a new Fossil leather wallet for $173, way less than the cost of ONE Lily Jade bag.

Lily Jade bag organizer inside my Emerson tote.

Inside of the Fossil Emerson Tote, $75 on sale!

Fossil Preston backpack, just the right size!

That's just a package of wipes, my nursing cover and Desitin. I took out the 5 diapers, change of baby clothes and the burp cloth so you could see the interior better. But it all fits and it closes perfect. It definitely has enough room!

I saw Amazon had them and of course ebay. I don't know what sort of sales Dillards still has. I apologize if my speech if slurry and comes through in the typing...I am still on some pain meds...yikes! lol

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  1. love it! And mom sent you the Lily Jade link. I have a different one called a petunia. (:


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