Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Eve Mass

One of our side altars dedicated to various saints. The art at our church is so inspiring.

Our entire family attended mass at 4:30 this year. We were so lucky to have all four kids participate in the Christmas Eve Mass, three of them in the procession, and then Zoe helped Father during his homily. This was really only her fourth time out of the house since she was born.

What angels!

Handsome little fella!

Such little angels! Knox was so proud he was chosen to carry baby Jesus.  He was too embarrassed to look at any of us and smile he was afraid he would look funny.

Freeze frame Father's thought process, STOP, oh"That's a new one! Can I use her for the homily?"

Getting a better look, leaning way over...

See who Father is holding?

Father held Zoe for his entire homily. She didn't peep at all or spit up. I don't think any of us have seen a priest come use a live baby before but it was great! It kept my attention ;)

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