Thursday, December 10, 2015

Where'd you get that baby?

Thursday night I drove myself to the hospital and went to labor and delivery. This was less than 20 hours after my NFP doctor called and said my progesterone tanked and start taking my blood pressure and see if my OB GYN (who refused) to run some extra tests to check on the baby. So Thursday after warning my OB GYN about my progesterone and then his nurse insulting my NFP doctor and telling me I had no business seeing her and letting her "fuss over progesterone", my blood pressure sky rocketed to 149/109. I called again that night and a new nurse said "GO IN NOW and why didn't you go in earlier?" My urine was dipped and they found no protein, but my smart nurse had it sent to lab to be certain and it came back at 11,000 (units of measure I don't know but 3000 is acceptable). So that sealed the deal, I was staying. I called my mom around 4 am to ask her to come home from KC early. Then I waited till 6:30 to wake up Brad and tell him I had been admitted.

Last time we were together as a family of 5.
  Brenden walked in and said "where baby?"

Brad asleep Friday night.  I made him go home, it was going to be a long wait- it always is.

After several interrupted bags of Pitocin one of my nurses brought me a peanut ball to straddle, we had a couple laughs and funny texts to Brad. He thought it was to bounce on.

Then came the hard part for a C-section. My OB did allow me to try and retry, but my body was tired and it wasn't progressing and after so many interruptions it was time to accept the C-Section. It all went well, Brad watched and I actually saw the end where my doctor sewed me up. However NICU came in from no where and took the baby away, she had no problems or complications she had a 9 on the Apgar scoring. Brad was refused entry for a 99.1 fever, and the sign says no one over 100.5. So that became a big controversy. I pumped at 1 am and sent 6 cc's of colostrum do the NICU, I called them and told them it was there. They said thanks and we hung up. I called again at 4 am to let them know I was sending more, same thing happened again, "okay thanks!". Then at 9 am, my nurse took me in wheel chair with my Mag IV (scarey) to the NICU to see little Zoe. Brad came in right behind me. I was teary and happy, but I found out they never fed her. The nurse said they had no breastmilk and no orders to feed the baby. I was furious. She went all night with no parent and then with out being a NICU.  Brad stepped in at that point and never left her side, he made sure she ate and had her diaper changed every two hours. On Sunday night I was supposed to have my IV pulled at 10 pm and then transferred to a postpartum unit where I could have the baby again. 
Some how I was left on the IV till 10 AM the next morning. 
Brad went and stuck up for us at NICU and found out no one really knew why Zoe was put into the NICU to begin with, but the doctor told him to at least let her finish the round of antibiotics they started her on. He got them to agree to bring her to my room at 1 AM, I wasn't allowed to really sit up but I got to hold her still.

Then transferred to a floor where the baby wasn't allowed. When I questioned what was going on I was told there was no room on the 3rd floor. Two minutes later a nurse came back and said yes, there is room on the 3rd floor take her down there now. Which meant, I was now getting the baby! But they didn't bring her till 1pm. But when I finally got her she nursed like a pro (I had them take away the paci she was given- go figure they can give her a paci but not feed her at all- not even formula)

Here we are united for the second time but this time was meant to be longer!

My mom and sister each made it up to the hospital at different times. I wish I had better pictures. 

The exit from the hospital was the icing on the cake, it got worse. If my milk hadn't had come in already we'd probably still be there. I almost ran out of there.
 I made it home in time for Genna's birthday though.

My husband had never thought about babies like he had till this one. He admitted he didn't think about it- babies need parents to hold them and bond right away in the first moments of their lives. Ours was stripped away. When I told him Zoe had been neglected all night something switched on. I have never seen my husband more concerned than Sunday night. I never knew how grateful I was for his actions and solidarity with me till that night. And I know he was a rockstar keeping things going here with my parents and sister's help for several days and nights. Go team Crouch!

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  1. Congratulations! She's beautiful. :) I'm sorry to hear it was such a rough go, but happy that you all are healthy. Welcome, Zoe!


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