Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Baptism for Zoe Therese

 Zoe Therese is named after St. Catherine Laboure (aka Zoe) and St. Therese of Lisieux. We call her Zoe for short obviously. We had the great privilege of presenting her for her first sacrament in the Church this past Sunday.  It turned out to be around 50 degrees that day. The morning was so darn warm with a heavy fog that cleared up before we left. It looked like it had rained on the pavement. It's so unusual to have such great weather this time of year. 

This is Saturday morning, finishing up the last of the cross cookies.

Clearly we are all resting prior to this important event! lol  I couldn't resist, what woman doesn't love pictures of her man holding their children! ;) It's precious!  This is while my quiches were baking in the oven at home.

My mom's lovely table, she went and bought Zoe Therese flowers, my huge pink table cloth I bought on Amazon prime fit perfect.

All my silver table wear and cups, plates were from Amazon, I loved the silver plastic forks and spoons!

There was a beautiful fruit salad in my slightly cracked clam shell bowl Amazon had initially sent me. I complained because I wasn't certain it would hold the punch for a few hours without leaking, so they offered to send me a new one free of charge. It didn't have a crack, so I basically got two for $10.

My clam shell was now my pink paradise punch bowl. That is such good punch!

My lovely quiches- I love quiche, we have fresh eggs, so it's always a great dinner item for us. AND my balloon helpers below, it was actually Brad who blew them up.

These are the lovely egg casseroles my friend Sarah Purcell made and my mom and then my quiches.

Fr. Ben did such a great job! He was just uprooted and placed in our Church last July- and it happens to the church he grew up in! The church is beautiful, and it's pretty darn cool that St. Therese's altar was right there above the Baptismal font...it was meant to be Zoe Therese!  I can say with all honesty when my kids and I started going to daily mass here almost 4 years ago when Brenden was a baby that's when my love of the Saints really was rekindled. And it's obviously left a great impression on my kids too. Church's need that artwork in my opinion.

Presenting, Zoe's Godparents, Cheryl my dear friend and her awesome Uncle Kale!

Back at my parents house we did a quick arts and crafts and coloring pages (I blogged about buying them on Autom's website)  This is what you do if it's cold outside! But the weather worked in our favor, regardless we had a nice time with the kids being still.

That is Derek- Knox's Godfather and his family minus his older daughter who was running around somewhere at the party. Sarah his wife made one of our casseroles- and it was delicious!

These are the two Sarahs..Sarah with the scarf is a lifelong friend from childhood and I am so so grateful she is in town again. Glad our parents were friends as I grew up, our lives are very entwined. 

We prayed and ate and the kids were able to play outside for a bit before we all said goodbye. I am so thankful for such good Godparents and friends and family who come and support my kids and our faith. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Altar cloth Baptismal dress by Grandma Fisher

Thank you mom! I think this is one of the loveliest pictures I have of you! I appreciate all you do for us ;)

Have you seen the cute ideas floating around for Baptismal dresses being cut out of wedding dresses or First Communion dresses cut from wedding dresses. I wasn't originally married inside the Church, so I do not have a wedding dress. I had a convalidation ceremony a year into my marriage (that was a miracle!) So when I was given an altar cloth at my Catechesis of the Good Shepherd training I was super excited. I was talking with my friend Natalie who sits next to me about the possibilities it could have. She suggested that a Baptismal dress could be cut from it. So I gave it to my mom and just got it done- great job Grandma Fisher! It really was beautiful! It came from a local church in Derby. The cloth was huge, there was definitely more than enough for this project. I have tons left over still. 

We thought she was done, then she decided to add ribbon to the back ;)

Alpha and Omega, and the Chi Rho symbols.

The linen was tricky to match up in the fabric store when she went shopping for the lacy roses and pearly ribbon for the waistline and sleeves.

Just a few nights before the Baptism....luckily if it didn't get done in time we had Genna's dress still ;)

The top is also the linen altar cloth she just doubled it over and cut it out from another area. She cut the skirt out twice. The first time she cut those huge scallops off but then changed her mind and cut a new skirt out leaving the huge lacy scallops.

I purchased her headband a week ago on Amazon Prime before my mom at the sewing stage where she needed to added an embellishment to the dress. She separately picked out the roses and pearly ribbon for the waistline without knowing I got this headband (in hopes it would match)..it was perfect! 

God Bless Zoe Therese!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Personalized Sacrament Holy Cards for kids

I ordered my kids all Baptismal Sacrament Holy Cards from St. Jude Shop. There cards are so sweet looking, and printed in Italy. The edges are super smooth. I was allowed to get a weird number of cards thankfully because they print them in groups of 8. I never got 1st Communion Cards for Knox but was able to add those into this order too. He is excited to give them out. Zoe's made it here and the initial group of Baptismal cards for the other kids. But when I called to check on the first Communion cards I found out they were waiting on the holy card since they were out of stock.  We just picked another one and now have more of everyone's holy cards coming next week as well. They all want to hand out there own special Sacrament cards to people, too bad most of the extras will be later than Sunday. It's so cute! They are all very proud of receiving some of their sacraments. 

The Baptism holy cards run a little over $.10 each with a personalized back, you call and add in your name and date/ prayer. It was so much cheaper than other websites and Etsy shops. There are many more styles than just the ones I linked too. So if you don't like those call and ask, they have quite of few for each sacrament.  I laminated the cards myself since I have a laminator anyway.

Now they can all remember their important dates they received their sacraments and pray for grace for each other on those memorable dates.

Baptism party prep

Getting ready for a Baptism is always harder because of the newborn baby factor. Obviously, I am going for pink on this one along with shells- since the scalloped shell is a symbol for the Sacrament of Baptism.

The kids and I made the cake topper and shells earlier this week with pink and white candy melts. Walmart sells pink and bright pink candy melts by the way..and they are way cheaper than Amazon or Michael's too.

I am putting the shells around the bottom of the cross cake. And the candy cross you see below will go on top. The rose candy mold is Wilton. The extra candies will be laid out in the middle of the table sort of like you would do if you threw down confetti on a table (except this is edible).

I haven't done a shell themed Baptism party yet. Getting the food ready is always the main thing especially being so tired after being a new mom (again) and nursing a baby all night, lucky I have some help. I purchased a shell candy mold and a cross mold to decorate the cake.  I am using the same cross cake pan I used for Knox's First Communion party just a few months ago. Wilton is the manufacturer, and it's always got free shipping on Amazon.

 I also made Zoe Therese a "God Bless Zoe" sign with my Cricut, very similar to Genna's name sign I made a few months back. Knox had one at his First Communion party as well.

I am so excited about this shell punch bowl I found on Amazon. I have a second one coming from Amazon, I am going to do the Paradise Pink Punch in one and the fruit in the other.  Knox suggested finding small shell bowls we could put jello in, but I had no luck finding any disposable plastic small shell bowls. But this punch bowl can also be found on Oriental Trading's website (the sticker on the bottom of the bowl told me so ;)  Check it for cracks, you may find it to be leaky.

Our menu is going to brunchy foods, two breakfast casseroles, two quiche lorraine, fruit salad, yogurt, OJ, Mimosas, coffee and then cake, punch and sugar cross cookies- which I got done tonight.

I displayed the cookies on a dessert platter with three tiers, there is a picture in Knox's First Communion party post.

Since we are going to be stuck inside, I got crafts for the kids (from Autom), and we'll also be doing a Baptism coloring page contest. 

It's a huge 24 pack!

I have a "prize" from Autom. It's a shell baptism pin and bookmark, they were on clearance at $.39 each. I have Baptism holy cards coming with the date of the Baptism, but I am not sure they will get here on time, I called today (I ordered them two weeks ago) and they said they would get them out today in the mail- I assume that means over nighting it when he said there is a good chance they would get here- he sounded pretty flustered. Iyiyi...hopefully those will come, or they can go out in the mail I suppose after the big day..  

UPDATE*** They arrived next day (today by 9 :30! IS that impressive or what?)

I went ahead and made cards up for Knox's first Communion as well since I never did those. Their prices are so awesome, check them out. Call them - they are super nice people with a cool east coast accent.

I have an Amazon Prime account now, and I admit I like it a lot. I ordered the party supplies off Amazon just to save a trip around town, because I never can find the color of plastic ware or cups or dessert plates I want, I had luck at Dollar General for a few things for the First Communion but not everything, and our Walmart is always out. Plus Amazon sells pink Baptism balloons!