Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Baptism for Zoe Therese

 Zoe Therese is named after St. Catherine Laboure (aka Zoe) and St. Therese of Lisieux. We call her Zoe for short obviously. We had the great privilege of presenting her for her first sacrament in the Church this past Sunday.  It turned out to be around 50 degrees that day. The morning was so darn warm with a heavy fog that cleared up before we left. It looked like it had rained on the pavement. It's so unusual to have such great weather this time of year. 

This is Saturday morning, finishing up the last of the cross cookies.

Clearly we are all resting prior to this important event! lol  I couldn't resist, what woman doesn't love pictures of her man holding their children! ;) It's precious!  This is while my quiches were baking in the oven at home.

My mom's lovely table, she went and bought Zoe Therese flowers, my huge pink table cloth I bought on Amazon prime fit perfect.

All my silver table wear and cups, plates were from Amazon, I loved the silver plastic forks and spoons!

There was a beautiful fruit salad in my slightly cracked clam shell bowl Amazon had initially sent me. I complained because I wasn't certain it would hold the punch for a few hours without leaking, so they offered to send me a new one free of charge. It didn't have a crack, so I basically got two for $10.

My clam shell was now my pink paradise punch bowl. That is such good punch!

My lovely quiches- I love quiche, we have fresh eggs, so it's always a great dinner item for us. AND my balloon helpers below, it was actually Brad who blew them up.

These are the lovely egg casseroles my friend Sarah Purcell made and my mom and then my quiches.

Fr. Ben did such a great job! He was just uprooted and placed in our Church last July- and it happens to the church he grew up in! The church is beautiful, and it's pretty darn cool that St. Therese's altar was right there above the Baptismal font...it was meant to be Zoe Therese!  I can say with all honesty when my kids and I started going to daily mass here almost 4 years ago when Brenden was a baby that's when my love of the Saints really was rekindled. And it's obviously left a great impression on my kids too. Church's need that artwork in my opinion.

Presenting, Zoe's Godparents, Cheryl my dear friend and her awesome Uncle Kale!

Back at my parents house we did a quick arts and crafts and coloring pages (I blogged about buying them on Autom's website)  This is what you do if it's cold outside! But the weather worked in our favor, regardless we had a nice time with the kids being still.

That is Derek- Knox's Godfather and his family minus his older daughter who was running around somewhere at the party. Sarah his wife made one of our casseroles- and it was delicious!

These are the two Sarahs..Sarah with the scarf is a lifelong friend from childhood and I am so so grateful she is in town again. Glad our parents were friends as I grew up, our lives are very entwined. 

We prayed and ate and the kids were able to play outside for a bit before we all said goodbye. I am so thankful for such good Godparents and friends and family who come and support my kids and our faith. 

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