Monday, January 25, 2016

Altar cloth Baptismal dress by Grandma Fisher

Thank you mom! I think this is one of the loveliest pictures I have of you! I appreciate all you do for us ;)

Have you seen the cute ideas floating around for Baptismal dresses being cut out of wedding dresses or First Communion dresses cut from wedding dresses. I wasn't originally married inside the Church, so I do not have a wedding dress. I had a convalidation ceremony a year into my marriage (that was a miracle!) So when I was given an altar cloth at my Catechesis of the Good Shepherd training I was super excited. I was talking with my friend Natalie who sits next to me about the possibilities it could have. She suggested that a Baptismal dress could be cut from it. So I gave it to my mom and just got it done- great job Grandma Fisher! It really was beautiful! It came from a local church in Derby. The cloth was huge, there was definitely more than enough for this project. I have tons left over still. 

We thought she was done, then she decided to add ribbon to the back ;)

Alpha and Omega, and the Chi Rho symbols.

The linen was tricky to match up in the fabric store when she went shopping for the lacy roses and pearly ribbon for the waistline and sleeves.

Just a few nights before the Baptism....luckily if it didn't get done in time we had Genna's dress still ;)

The top is also the linen altar cloth she just doubled it over and cut it out from another area. She cut the skirt out twice. The first time she cut those huge scallops off but then changed her mind and cut a new skirt out leaving the huge lacy scallops.

I purchased her headband a week ago on Amazon Prime before my mom at the sewing stage where she needed to added an embellishment to the dress. She separately picked out the roses and pearly ribbon for the waistline without knowing I got this headband (in hopes it would match) was perfect! 

God Bless Zoe Therese!

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  1. What a beautiful gown, Elaine and a beautiful baby, Shannon.


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