Friday, January 22, 2016

Personalized Sacrament Holy Cards for kids

I ordered my kids all Baptismal Sacrament Holy Cards from St. Jude Shop. There cards are so sweet looking, and printed in Italy. The edges are super smooth. I was allowed to get a weird number of cards thankfully because they print them in groups of 8. I never got 1st Communion Cards for Knox but was able to add those into this order too. He is excited to give them out. Zoe's made it here and the initial group of Baptismal cards for the other kids. But when I called to check on the first Communion cards I found out they were waiting on the holy card since they were out of stock.  We just picked another one and now have more of everyone's holy cards coming next week as well. They all want to hand out there own special Sacrament cards to people, too bad most of the extras will be later than Sunday. It's so cute! They are all very proud of receiving some of their sacraments. 

The Baptism holy cards run a little over $.10 each with a personalized back, you call and add in your name and date/ prayer. It was so much cheaper than other websites and Etsy shops. There are many more styles than just the ones I linked too. So if you don't like those call and ask, they have quite of few for each sacrament.  I laminated the cards myself since I have a laminator anyway.

Now they can all remember their important dates they received their sacraments and pray for grace for each other on those memorable dates.

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