Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Artist trading card swap

My kids, Knox and Genna, have been talking about artist trading cards for two weeks. They did a swap in their art class today (at Hobby Lobby) and brought home their cards- very cute. They liked it a lot and told me that their teacher said that there were internet sites where they could join in and do more swapping. I told them I wasn't sure about it random sights (I was a little worried about what we might get in return) and maybe I could try and start a swap on my blog for them and even adults to join in. I'll participate ;) I can't promise it will be good, but I can try! So on their behalf, here's the participation guidelines.
Anyway, Knox said there needs to be 5 original cards- they can be similar or different. I will send back to you cards of similar skill level/age.

 Mom says, "Oh and since this is a Catholic blog, can you please make a minimum of three saints or other religious or Liturgical cards, along with your other art cards?" He said he would like to swap animals (he likes chickens...lol) and planes, boats, etc.  You may do more than 3 saint cards- that's up to you.

Post card size cards would be fine- close to a 4x6 or 5x7, or even skinny ones like large book mark sizes- I have seen some pretty religious book marks. It doesn't have to be exactly that size (but that will give you an idea) water colors, or pastels, crayons, colored pencils, markers whatever your skill level prefers. Heavier paper is suggested so that these last.

Label the back of you cards with: your name, age, and what is on the card, and what you used to draw it, and what city you live in.

  Then send your cards to me include inside a self addressed and stamped (makes sure it has enough postage) envelope so it'll be easy for me to return to you five cards.

  I would like to get more than 5 people to sign up, so spread the word around.  If you are local, you are welcome to drop them off, but I will be mailing them back- I don't have the extra time to drive around. Email me back and let me know if you want to participate, so I have an idea of how many people, and to start watching for them in the mail.

Deadline- IN MY MAIL BOX by April 2nd (Saturday).

Once you confirm participation by email, I will send you my address. 

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