Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Catholic Valentines and free holy cards

   Valentine's Day is right around the corner, INSIDE OF LENT! lol  Every year I search for free printable Catholic Valentines for the kiddos... and just when I think I have seen them all, I came across this cute website a few weeks ago called Holy Reflections.  I have no idea who the lady is who is running the website but I read about her background and it's so so cool! There are some for Valentine's Day of course.  Be sure and check out her printable goodie bags.  For those of you who have kids making sacraments, there are sacrament keepsake cards on there too. I printed and laminated my cards from this website, they are beautiful- and it's all free!  (I just had to share that with you, I am so in love.)

  I saw my latest Catholic Icing email today too, and  Lacy sure has hooked up her readers with an awesome free St. Valentine's Day pack, I am sure everyone has seen it, but I am super excited to let the kids color on their St. Valentine's now and color in their own cards too.

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