Sunday, February 14, 2016

Corporal works in action

Year of Mercy! Such a great year for conversions, if ya know what I mean ;) Pope Francis is really working on opening the doors to wayward Catholics and those who are contemplating the entering the Church. He's practically got the door off the hinges! Just look at what he's directed priests on in confession, sigh relief right extra-specially if you haven't been or aren't accustomed to going??

Anyway, I am trying to come up with ways for our kids to do "Works of Mercy". Thankfully their grandma has one she enjoys, and that's taking the nursing home flowers for their tables.  

Red for St. Valentine's Day!

Such a sweet boy!

The kids also handed our St. Valentine valentines- those free ones from Catholic Icing of course.   I think this might count as bit of catechizing too, sort of like new evangelization.  It's at least helping spread the word about the real St. Valentine's day!

don't know that random

Good job Grandma!

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