Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mercy Cross with flowers, Works of Mercy, Sacrifice beads and more.

We have always done a Crown of Thorns with toothpicks and removed toothpicks at the end of the day for each good deed done/ or sacrifice.  At Easter it's filled with eggs like a bird's nest. But this year we are changing it up. I had the kids write out their Lenten sacrifices- as too often we forget or change our minds (when it gets down to the sacrifice) and we hung them up on our art string in our homeschool room. They are hung above our Stations of the Cross we made several years back. 

What's cool is our sacrifices are there up on the wall for accountability, and in the grottos below- we see Jesus' sacrifice. I started to say this outloud today, and before I was done, Knox interrupted me and explained all that and saw the connection! LOVE IT WHEN THEY DO THAT! 
 And by the way, you should really keep up with Catholic Icing's blog- she has had some awesome freebies for her subscribers lately. The latest one was what I printed out and used to hang out sacrifices up above the Stations of the Cross. The kids wrote out/drew on the cards and we sort of colored them. 
  My daughter Genna thought this was soo cool, she even asked daddy if he wanted to join in and put something up on the line too! (He's not Catholic, so sacrificing is a foreign language and he said yes!). Tomorrow I will remind her to hold him to it! lol!

 We track our sacrifices with sacrifice beads throughout the day, lets face it, it's too hard not to. (here's how to make them, or you can buy them at Holy Heroes webstore). Make several, because they get lost and snagged on things and can break off. Add a holy medal or a cross and have it blessed!

I have an abundance of beautiful homemade paper flowers from my mother in law (who is a hobby card maker). I thought for a change this year we could put those lovely flowers to work for us on a Mercy Cross.  Each sacrifice (corporal or spiritual) you do, you put one on the cross. You can put your name on the flowers, so at the end you can see your works, hopefully no cross will be showing. 

I am going to hang up a the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy, we learned them by heart years ago, thanks to Holy Heroes Lenten Adventures in the past, click on those Youtube links to see the songs now.  They have two very easy great songs you can sing with your kids. 

  Also one other sort of new I am doing with the kids for the next 40 days of Lent, is a regular examination of conscience each night (which we should be doing anyway). We do this a few times a month, but we are turning up the heat this Lent and reading nightly from this book.

 I am reading them straight out of this book. It's good for younger children, especially ones who will be making their sacraments soon. With Genna wanting to make her first confession and Knox having just made his back in October, and me trying to set a good example- it's good for all of us.  

We also follow along with Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure like a wrote earlier. We print off their worksheets and that's a great religion lesson for us daily. They are completely free, you don't need an account, you just check your email daily.

Hope you have a blessed Lenten season, if you have questions please comment below and I will try and help. If you want more ideas or want to see past posts, click the "Label" tabs below this post where you see these symbols. 

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