Monday, February 8, 2016

Mother & sons Valentine's date


It's that time of year, where we can publically shower our love on our children and spouse. My husband took our daughter Genna out on the daddy- daughter date again and I took the boys, and baby Zoe Zoe.  We took our kids to early Mass today- actually our normal mass time. Afterward we split up and went our own ways for our dates with our children. I took the boys to the Cathedral first to walk through the Doors of Mercy, for the plenary indulgence and then we went to Panera. It was so much fun! (If you want to obtain the Year of Mercy Plenary indulgence here's how.

I digress, we actually visited our Cathedral the other night too.

We just received an exact replica of the original Pieta, there were a limited number of them made, our Cathedral was selected to receive one, now we just have to raise the money to keep it. It's beautiful! I am glad my kids can see this beautiful art!

Here's our Cathedral at night. The dome was so beautiful, the photo doesn't do it justice.

My Valentine's, to the kids, all made from the website Holy Reflections.

I laminated my prayer cards, they just last longer and look so much nicer. They print off in sets of two fyi. Hope you have a great week! 
Happy Fat Tuesday!

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