Sunday, March 27, 2016

Our Easter storm!!

Started last windows...

Ooh dont worry, these are special's not broken! 

Love them!

   Collecting lots of eggs to dye and hide.

We made deviled eggs,

And picked up our favorite cookies from a local bakery.

Made an egg tree. I found these beautiful lighted branches discontinued at Hobby Lobby. And the eggs at the Goodwill.

And made a cross spice cake, brown like the cross and homemade cream cheese frosting.

Found some beautiful egg coloring books at Walmart for Genna. Her and Knox both received Bible covers.

I am so lucky with the Goodwill.

Brenden's books above. I never got him a Catholic baby record book, he has one now, I will fill in with notes I have been taking on my calendars for years now.

I found these bible covers on Amazon. I measured our bibles here at home. I just went bigger in the end. It gives them room to store pencils or notes as well.

Even little Zoe Zoe (pronounce with only a long O, for the sake of her nickname,  rhymes with Joe, her real name isn't pronounced that way) got a book, Brambly Hedge, and sock monkey. On Valentine's day this year which our family celebrated about two weeks early to avoid Lent, Brenden desperately wanted to give Zoe something. So he took Genna's old sock monkey and wrapped it. Genna was generous in letting him "give it". This little monkey will replace it so Genna can have hers back.

The crown of thorns now a nest full of eggs.

We woke up to a landscape covered in white like nature's baptismal garment. We had been outside enjoying summer like weather the day before. And even today the day ended comfortable where we could enjoys short sleeves and no wind and hunt eggs happily without jackets. Our weather is bipolar in Kansas. 

Happy Easter! He has risen!

(I have about 5 or 6 good pictures of Brenden being a turkey) go figure the one good one is out of focus...)  Our parish is so fun. There is a statue of the Resurrected Jesus at the very top of the altar, and when the Gloria is sung and the bells are rung during it, the curtain is ripped back to reveal the statue of the Resurrected Jesus. I'll have to add the picture in here, I don't know why I didn't think to take it before. Our church is old school...I love the old traditions at mass. It really keeps your attention where it should be.
 In case you didn't see what happened to us last was quite an Easter!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday dinner

Grandpa's to go meal.

Grandma got sick today, we both planned on having salmon, so luckily mine was big enough to share with my dad. He ran over and picked up his dinner. My poor mom had a really bad afternoon..we wont go into the flu 

Hopefully she will be better soon. So Easter dinner is off at this point.  We will see how many more of us catch this stuff...

Here is our Good Friday dinner. It included hot cross buns, (traditional for monks to hand out in Europe on Good Friday)


 Potatoe and cheese soup.

We went to our church's Latin Good Friday service. 

Happy Triduum.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday

Putting together the Cenacle...

I digress for a moment...Another great Catholic Lego kit is Father Leopold Celebrates Mass. Fr. Leopold currently is offering Mass on the boy's dresser.

My house is just about dust and dirt free...just a few things tomorrow. And if we can just keep it picked up..oh that would be a miracle.

Our dinner, I made roasted chicken quarters (I figured we can call them lamb legs), roasted veggies and salad and we did our jidášky bread tonight too.

Our church is lovely during Lent. The covered statues add to the solemness.

Brenden cracked me up, watching the washing of the feet, just traveling down the pew to see.

Our beautiful Altar of Repose...

If you want to see last year's exciting Holy Week click!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Marian Consecration update, Brown Scapular Society

Me and the kids have been faithful to our Marian Consecration thus far. It's almost over too. We ordered free green scapulars from various websites. We have slipped green scapulars into places Brad frequents, and we even put one into his wallet...he didn't object, he knew I was in his wallet too, I stuck it back in the wrong pant's pocket...haha! Then I openly admitted what I did...he didn't seem to mind.  Anyway.. I mass emailed our homeschool group to get together to get scapularized... I TOTALLY just made up that word. Wanna know something cool, my mom started the Marian Consecration on the Feast of so neato..

My dad is a convert, and had never been enrolled in the Brown Scapular Society... he came too! Yea dad! That made me really proud. Here he is holding Zoe Therese. She and the other baby's were enrolled too.

Our priest is awesome.. Fr. Ben was so kind to accommodate us all.

Since we started the Marian Consecration by St. Louis de Montfort, my kids have memorized the Ave Maris Stella.   And since it's technically a prayer/poem..I am counting it as a bonus poem for this year for poetry. I figure it all counts in poetry memorization why not? Even little Brenden has been it's hard for him, but he sits and flops around. Bless his little heart. See him in the John Deere green shirt above?

Hail Bright Star of Ocean,
God's own mother blest,
Ever sinless virgin,
Gate of Heavenly Rest..