Thursday, March 24, 2016

Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday

Putting together the Cenacle...

I digress for a moment...Another great Catholic Lego kit is Father Leopold Celebrates Mass. Fr. Leopold currently is offering Mass on the boy's dresser.

My house is just about dust and dirt free...just a few things tomorrow. And if we can just keep it picked up..oh that would be a miracle.

Our dinner, I made roasted chicken quarters (I figured we can call them lamb legs), roasted veggies and salad and we did our jidášky bread tonight too.

Our church is lovely during Lent. The covered statues add to the solemness.

Brenden cracked me up, watching the washing of the feet, just traveling down the pew to see.

Our beautiful Altar of Repose...

If you want to see last year's exciting Holy Week click!

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