Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Holy Week Tuesday

Since it is Holy Week, we took off school. We don't have a spring break, we just observe Holy Week every year the best we can. We try and attend mass every day, so we can listen to the readings and all the events.  I have had this date marked in our calendar FOREVER- it only comes around once a year.

It's the Chrism Mass.  I have never attended one. I know it was mentioned in highschool but what it all meant...now I know.

As you can see we got there early.  Want to know something really cool got the urge to I text my dad (who works right up the street), at ten minutes till eleven. I know he frequents the Cathedral at noon and wanted to make sure he knew there was no noon mass and that he could join me and the kids (talk about last minute!), I had one extra seat saved in my row. Within 5 mins he was there, before it started even! How cool is that! My jaw about dropped when I saw him come in so quickly, how he found a parking space so close I have no idea. The mass was beautiful. The small orchestra and choir were lovely. It reminded me of a smaller version of the mass at the Catholic Family Conference we attend every August.  And I couldn't even count how many priests were there. 

Our view so far...

Being good before mass.

still waiting...thanks Genna! WOW, dark circles- my face wasn't like that in the normal light...I did a double take!

Still coloring, waiting, had time for a bathroom break too..

Love the Knights...Grandpa is a 4th degree Knight- he wasn't in this particular event this time.

Finally we start...only a mile long of priests..good thing they were two by two..

I think the best part was hearing the priests renew their vows. So many male voices, answering the call to serve the Church...AWESOME.

See the oils? My kids couldn't see, I snapped some pictures and brought then showed them what we were looking at. It was sort of funny. Genna kept saying take more...I see the oils.. She was straining to see and listen.

Presenting the oils to be blessed after the consecration.

At the end of Mass the Bishop added the balsam to the oils.

It was cute how my kids kept pointing out all the priest they knew. I am sure none of them know my kids by name, but that doesn't matter and my kids don't know that. Knox was especially fond of Fr. Vacca- who we saw, he said quote "I like the way Fr. Vacca did Stations of the Cross best." WOW, a 6 year old with an opinion huh?  We were not able to find him or our parish priest later, there was a luncheon and a big crowd- which we were not able to go to. 

Happy Holy Week!

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