Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Marian Consecration update, Brown Scapular Society

Me and the kids have been faithful to our Marian Consecration thus far. It's almost over too. We ordered free green scapulars from various websites. We have slipped green scapulars into places Brad frequents, and we even put one into his wallet...he didn't object, he knew I was in his wallet too, I stuck it back in the wrong pant's pocket...haha! Then I openly admitted what I did...he didn't seem to mind.  Anyway.. I mass emailed our homeschool group to get together to get scapularized... I TOTALLY just made up that word. Wanna know something cool, my mom started the Marian Consecration on the Feast of so neato..

My dad is a convert, and had never been enrolled in the Brown Scapular Society... he came too! Yea dad! That made me really proud. Here he is holding Zoe Therese. She and the other baby's were enrolled too.

Our priest is awesome.. Fr. Ben was so kind to accommodate us all.

Since we started the Marian Consecration by St. Louis de Montfort, my kids have memorized the Ave Maris Stella.   And since it's technically a prayer/poem..I am counting it as a bonus poem for this year for poetry. I figure it all counts in poetry memorization why not? Even little Brenden has been it's hard for him, but he sits and flops around. Bless his little heart. See him in the John Deere green shirt above?

Hail Bright Star of Ocean,
God's own mother blest,
Ever sinless virgin,
Gate of Heavenly Rest..

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