Monday, April 4, 2016

4-H Entomology with Knox

Pinning bugs, better now, than later at fair time. My freezer was getting full- it had a shoe box of grasshoppers and butterfly envelopes.  I would like to point out, this is fine motor skills at its best, not crunching your bugs. It might be sort of Montessori with the pinning and fine motor skill development.

We worked on pinning this afternoon, so my freezer could get cleaned out.

This is just the butterflies, he pinned 5 grasshoppers too.

Since we haven't had bad weather the benefit is we have been out catching bugs since early March. The last two weeks the butterflies have been thick. Our neighborhood is old, with old yards and very little have fescue. This makes it great for butterflies and other insects! He needs 25 insects from 7 classes in his 4-h box. We are getting close to being done with the insect collecting, we just need to set up the box and tags next.
We found a secret meadow just a street or two over and I watched the kids catch butterflies and other bugs. One day a pair of bald eagles flew over head. We have never been close like we were that day.  I had never seen a bald eagle in the wild before either till recently. Now we have a pair living here close by. I wish I would have had my cell, it was awesome.

Bunnies are out!  Happy Feast of Divine Mercy!

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