Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bottle cap shrines...bling bling bling!

We have been working on a fun end of school art project, bottle cap shrines! The bottle caps aren't completely dry yet, but incase you want to make one for May Day, or Mother's Day or a birthday, or anyone else special, better get going now asap because of the time it takes to dry.
  My son just gave away his bottle cap collection...we are lamenting, but we have plenty of Snapple lids to use around here. 

Just take a clean bottle cap of any size, beer caps are prolific and it's recycling! 

Our old milk spoiled Catholic Icing Mass books, all but a few pages were ruined.  I got another set for my kids ;)

Get your favorite holy image or even a sticker, print something off the internet, or cut out from a magazine calendar or holy card. Mod Podge over it. Do a good thick layer so it looks acrylicized..I think I made up that word. I probably didn't even spell it right!

Mix up some Mod Podge and glitter. Bling it out!

Add pearls or rhinestones, flowers, glass beads..etc.. whatever you got. You can paint over the back of the lids too, just be sure and seal them.

Leave them be to dry, it will take several days, give it at least a week.

Setting in pearls...fine motor skills at work here.

Picking out more stickers from our big collection.

Half way dry!

These are almost done. You can still see they are drying.

This one is my favorite becasuse I love the pearls on the inside of the rim. You can stick a magnet on the back and give them away as gifts.  Yes, my homeschool room, my husband, my children and all our clothes and carpets are covered in glitter currently, even after we shower, it still seems to appear That's just life!

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