Sunday, April 24, 2016 photos from my cell.

Some of my life this photos. (Warning a lot of 4-H project photos).

This isn't everything I do..just a small part where I remember to pull out my cell.

saving this for later...but the dresses and viels are sold now.

art card swap

reading Buffalo Bill

Lego Mindstorms competition

4-H days

Starting at Easter, although I think I might have put those two photos up.

Easter morning.. and no way hose are we getting a good photo in church.

My loves.

Most my energy has been in 4-H.

4-H you will see more below.

There are lots of bugs in March in case you're wondering.

I spend a lot of time nursing..that's very important around here.

lovely old bathroom in the middle of no where.

yup, middle of nowhere!

4-H Geology field trip, yea, big pit...fossils, limestone and shale.

Interesting display on Eucharistic Miracles from the Vatican.

Too many to read in one afternoon.

4-H again

collecting bugs

well now we are looking at turtles

watch that poison ivy!

Uncle Nate came in town for a funeral.

Poor Uncle Nate!

Knox's Nature Diary..working on his butterfly collection currently.

sorting our fossils from our geology field trip.

Women's conference.. Fr. Apostoli, CFR

They treated us really well!

Ummm is that an airplane Brad?

in the middle of nowhere...on a rest stop on the highway, which had no facilities, it was just a parking for semi's.

cause we all need 400 of these suckers!

Finally getting somewhere...only to find out the just as of this week changed a bunch of insect orders..iyiyi. Relearning what I knew growing up now.

My dad made his box from pine and mom stained it. (We just put the rest together.)

Another trip to the pond..


We are prettying up our ugly yard right now. I have flowers in, and some beautiful lilies and peonies coming up in my Mary garden and around my other religious statues. I can't wait for them to bloom. Photos to come hopefully if the severe weather predicted doesn't kill everything this week! (it's happened before)

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