Monday, April 25, 2016

My 30 some birthday.

My mom and husband both got me flowers. I woke up to a special McDonalds pancake breakfast this morning.

Since our 8th anniversary is Thursday, we went out to eat tonight to one of our favorite restaurants (we've been going there for 13 years).

Gotta love the Amish communities.

home on the range..

I love my little Brenden, never a straight smile! Always pulling a fast one!

Loving my kids.

My traditional American Papist family...self identifying as two boys and two girls.

We are forecasted (actually for the last few days and tomorrow) for severe weather...always tornadoes around my birthday.  This is our last week of school! Genna has already started 2nd grade curriculum in all subjects (been 4 weeks) Knox is finishing up on time and starting 3rd grade in July. Can't wait to be free from books! Bring on the beautiful spring weather!

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