Sunday, May 8, 2016

2016 Mother's Day, somewhere halfway to the middle of nowhere

We had severe weather forecasted today, but ended up with gentle gentle quick showers. Eastern Kansas is beautiful in the Flint Hills area. There are some places that remind me of Ozarks in, Arkansas, because of the heavy tree coverage. I was so blessed to have my parents helping me out.  This was somewhere between Moline, Dexter, and Howard, KS.

 Looking straight out from my "bathroom"

The northern view from my sliding door bathroom.

Hillary's got my back!

This van is getting dirty!

Those are huge!

green apple army men

he shared with me

if you don't have a dusty rear end you weren't working hard enough!

We all found a trilobite I think, except Grandpa and Brenden. (Mom's is that big pretty one)

some of the trilobites we found today- WHY WE GO! Fossils are like a gold dig!  I definitely got the best of the best for help today from my parents. I love them so much. Thank you!

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