Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May crowning tutorial revisited, Papal garden flag, and John Deere quilt

Our Mary garden is growing lilies, we can't wait for them to bloom. I need to fill in the bottom of the garden with something that likes shade, we just didn't want to dig up the lilies accidentally- now they are all up finally- there were some in the back that really took their time.
 We got this cool Vatican City outdoor garden flag on Amazon. It came from China- it really is cool looking- upon close examination you can tell maybe the screen print may not be completely perfect- maybe it's not legal, sort of like those fake Pradas and L.V.'s in china town in NYC? lol (They seemed to have screen printed 3 pieces separately. Like the yellow went on, then they misaligned the off white under the papal keys, then they put on the papal keys. It does look nice anyway.) 

We have a crown for her, but we have had rain non stop I just can't leave it out there- it won't survive. If you want to see the crown tutorial here it is.  I have another tutorial coming  up before to long, something else for your statue of Mary this month.

Okay next up, the John Deere quilt for Brenden. Finally I got a huge stack of squares cut out- I only dinked skin our of my fingers 3x with my new rotary cutter,  it hurts when I wash my hands. That cutting mat and ruler is so darn cool!

Huge pile, but I can knock it out tomorrow night easily, the squares are 6"x6" for an 8x12 square quilt. The fabric came from Hancocks (again they are going out of business).

I will put green minky on the back for him. His favorite color is blue and I have some blue but I think it's too "pretty". But he may decide he needs that blue, so we will see.

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