Sunday, May 15, 2016

My first quilt is done, next Star Wars

I made Zoe two little blankies last week. For the quilt I had the squares all sewn together just sitting around a for all last weekend- we were a little busy as you could see from my Mother's Day photos. I sat down and finished the back of the quilt on Wednesday night and then made her soft blankie Thursday morning that had just minky and felt (no squares or batting).

My cutting mat and rotary cutter came two Saturdays ago (a week ago) but I had already hand cut out my squares and sewed them all together. It's a nice big mat as you can see below.

I used this Quilt Basting Spray- Hobby Lobby with coupon was around $9. It worked awesome and held the fabric in place with no pins.

I put a very thing layer of batting in the middle of it. Like a sandwich.

Spray one end and put the pieces together and then move half your material and do the other end.

I left a little edge around the whole thing- so the piece of minky was bigger than the square patches. It made it self binding when I sewed it up.

Zoe got to roll around on it for the rest of that day. That night I went and sewed up the squares by stitching in the ditch of the squares.

Stitch in all the ditches.


That will sew nice squares into the minky on the other side. 

This really is decorative and holds your fabric in place permanently

Onto my next quilt- Knox's will be a minky backed Star Wars quilt.

Happy Feast of Pentecost by the way!

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