Friday, May 6, 2016

Quilting in the spring

 Sorry for the lack of Feast Day posts lately, we are prayerfully celebrating with the Saints lately. I will have a Mary post coming up though so don't worry. I am still working on cleaning up the clutter- it's a lot better, and I am adding coals to the fire.

It's Mary's month- May. If you need something to inspire you about Fatima and Fulton Sheen and tie a lot of history (Communist) together watch those videos by Fr. Andrew Apostoli. I went and heard him speak in Oklahoma a few weeks ago.. Fatima blows my mind. Umm..we are under Communist attacks. I think we need Fatima more than ever! Hey make 1st Saturdays, that needs to become sort of a top priority for all of us. It's this month's first Saturday

Moving along.
Okay, now that I have spare time  no school to do every day, and I am keeping up with laundry, I went ahead and decided to match up my existing fabric remnants with some new store fabric to make everyone blankies. There is a new baby around here, so that's cause to make new blankies. Zoe of course by all means gets her's made first. I have never done a quilt with squares...and let me tell you, wow it's easy so far.

Genna's pile below

  I had to cut the squares out with scissors tonight- it really wasn't hard. It's doable in case you are wondering, just take time to measure. You can mark you fabric lightly on the reverse side with a pencil if you want. I am getting a cutting board and rotary cutter tomorrow from Amazon so that will probably speed things up. BTW they are on sale on Amazon..marked down from $53.20 to $34.84. Our Hancocks is finally closing, so I picked up a lot of extra fabric there last week. I bought a lot of minky for the backsides of these quilts I am making for the kids. 

Knox is getting a Star Wars quilt, Brenden is getting John Deere and Zoe's is below.

Those probably took 20 mins from the time I cut them out to sew them together in squares. If I didn't have other obligations tomorrow...Brad needs a special blankie too, I am thinking that I might start a crochet pattern my friend Maureen sent to me, it could be done by Christmas maybe. I am lost for other ideas for him.  I can't see him coming to the fabric store and picking out his favorite colors. He's just a bit too manly.
I would love a blanket for myself, maybe I could teach Genna as I go..hmm- I am thinking outloud as I type this. She does have basic crochet skills right now.

We are getting bunnies- Brad  is working on a hutch for two. The chickens need some friends apparently, the cat isn't cuddly enough.

If you are wondering how it's going with our Summer School rules..update!
 IT'S going fantastic! There is always resistance, but over all, they are currently addicted to their audio books...even Brenden. I am thrilled, they are doing handwriting pages once a week since we need to keep that skill, and also reading to me. The TV has stayed off, and the weather is beautiful. Knox has hardly put his bug net down, matter of fact Brad has repaired it twice now since school is out- it's getting some heavy use.


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