Monday, May 2, 2016

School is out!

   Now that we have finished school, I have some time to get this house back into shape. I already tackled two rooms since Saturday plus a closet (eliminating the excess), and I am going to try another room today. I am anxious about my homeschool room- as it needs the most attention.
  This morning I made a School Summer Rules list and posted it and reminded the kids of what we are expected to try and do each day we have absolutely no activities on. It's such a hard adjustment going from school work and a structured (or in my case attempting to be structured) day to practically nothing.
  We are going to start school again in July this year, as I have observed that we are driven indoors from the heat. This will allow us the extra time too Knox will need to adjust. The 3rd grade MODG syllabus is a lot more difficult and it's the first step for an independent student from what I can tell. That will give him the time he needs to adjust and for us to make and correct mistakes and old habits.
  There are so many thing I hope I can get to this summer- which as I just explained is being shortened! lol Any of you have a certain pattern you will be following this summer outside your normal activities?

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