Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Star Wars quilt...done. Next John Deere

I think my sewing machine will definitely be needing a tune up after all this. My kids think Star Wars is a lego theme. They know there are movies, but we haven't let them see them. It's funny, they know quite a bit about it all, definitely more than I can remember just from playing with Legos.

This is 2 yards of flannel fabric I purchased at Hancocks- they are going out of business.

Another 2 yards of flannel. I have left overs, but not much.

To go on black minky.

Always prewash!  It shrunk a lot!

Black minky upside down. This was two yards as well I think, maybe slightly more. I have a little left over for a much smaller project.

This part was fun with my new rotary cutter.

I sewed rows together this time.

Squares are done.

Getting ready to spray the basting spray.

I used cheap white fleece from Walmart to add weight and give the flannel a backing- it will be a warm warm blankie, it's definitely heavy!  I cut the minky slightly larger than the patches and made it self binding. You do this by folding the edges of the minky over on it's self and the flannel/fleece and top stitching all the way around. I might find something lighter for Brenden's blankie instead of fleece.

Stitch in the ditch and your done! I backstitch everything I sew, I don't like repairs later on.

Knox's birthday is in a few days, this is his birthday present. Brenden birthday is in about a week, and he has a John Deere quilt coming up. Then I am done for awhile, and I will start Genna's later- my machine needs a break.

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