Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Caping Mary, no worries-it's an easy tutorial.

Now I have no idea if that's a word...caping, I think I just made it up. Anyway, I know you all saw the crown you can easily make for your Mary statues at home. Well here's the final touch...a cape! Caping Mary?! Get it?  Okay....Shannon...yea yea. 

I bought lace nylon- because I like the weight and the way it drapes, at Walmart. It was half off of $18/yd at Hancocks and $4.50/yard at Walmart. So Walmart's low price still beat the going-out- of-business Hancocks. I just bought plain old white. And I bought one yard have a ton left over- but I didn't know how much I would screw it up- lucky I got it on the first try. So I might make one for our outdoor statue too now. It is lace and would dry quickly- and it really won't bleach out since it's already white.

It's spandexy stretchy..which it just fine (another weird word tonight).

My current indoor statue.

That strand of old fake pearls is what I am going to use around the neck...keep scrolling.

Although this is not the right size, this is the shape you need to cut out. Fold you material in half when you do cut it out.  I cut out the neck notch, then put the huge uncut piece up on my statue to see how far to the bottom of the statue it needed to be- I stuck a horizontal in it there so I would know where to cut later.

See it's much bigger than my paper pattern.

This old necklace was pretty worn, It was my Great Aunt Terri's (God rest her soul). I wouldn't have used it most likely, so now it's definitely getting use, I am pretty sure she would approve. Thank you Aunt Terri!

So I cut the necklace and restrung the smaller ones and then sewed them on the neck. Then see the ones with spacing in between them sort of like Rosary beads? I used those for the hook clasp.

They hung off the other side.

Just the right length.

I ended up adding pearls to the base- see the corners? I might sew on a few more tomorrow for weight. 

Ave, Ave, Ave Maria!

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