Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day! and some other pictures of life today

The kids and I made a fun ammo sign for daddy! We had him collect old shell casings a few months back- hoping by now he'd forget that he gave it to us for an art project (We are pretty sure he did).

Yup, those are my homeschooling notes there. We used 9 mm S&W shell casings and AR casings- both are brass obviously.

The gold colored picture frame was from Goodwill, I took the glass out and stuck this burlap to the heavy card board that held in the back of the empty frame.

The burlap came from Hobby Lobby- it was on clearance last year.

 I hot glue gunned the shell casings in place.  Hopefully those suckers stay in place, because there isn't much of an edge in those hollow casings.

Great gift for that special cop/gun toting enthusiast/manly man. I have seen some other good ideas on Pinterest, but I would have ran out of shell casings..darn.

So you wanna see the weird thing that happened today?? 

can you guess what that is??  Yup, it's INK! From Brad's uniform shirt pocket (he threw his uniform in the wash right when I started it- with the kids clothes and mine).  Of course his uniform came out just fine...  Some of my church clothes, underwear, nursing tanks and pads-(sigh, yes that's annoying!), and all the kids clothes weren't as fortunate. (I had covered daily mass this week for the sacristan that was out of town- so my nice white skirt and top were in there)

Yes, I will look up how to remove ink.... And I will do it cheerfully!

Our son's 4-H Geology project is due for the county fair- see below putting specimens on cards. We did get Entomology and leather craft done! Yesss!  Next this week after Geology is done is the hens....phew, and then we will be on our way to the county fair!

Hope your summer is going well.  Kansas has received a lot of rain. And it's blistering hot and humid.. I almost wish it was dry heat..ughh.. the humidity here is killer. We have completed one round of Totus Tuus so far, and my summer schedule has changed a bit because I just haven't had time to homeschool planning. So we thought it would be a great idea to send them a second time later in July and then I can have that week to finish our school planning. Yes we are starting early, but little Brenden needs special help in speech therapy, and that is unchartered territory for me. 

Hope you have a great Father's Day!  God bless our dads!

Oh here's Grandpa's sign...can't forget him. His frame was an unopened unused frame I found at the Goodwill in the original packaging- with a teddy bear picture in it that was non-removable. I smashed the glass out with a hammer inside double Walmart sacks. Re-spraypainted the frame to gold- it was tarnished gold to green.Then inserted the burlap and glued it down. Then I did my shell casings.  Sorry I should have taken pictures as I went along but its been an afterthought lately.

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