Sunday, June 26, 2016

Immaculate Heart Tree Shrine

Ahhh, you didn't see it coming you say!? lol just kidding.  Okay, so my dad pointed out to me he deliberately smoothed the inside by planing it down so the paint would go on easy. And I did notice how nice the first one was I painted last night with the Sacred Heart. And especially around the outside edge where I painted the prayer.  I can't believe how nice the shrines turned out! He did such a good job- with out directions! He's awesome!

And a side by side. I might also go back and touch up my lily's white petals, I think I got a lot of yellow on the one. They both need to be sealed still.  I have another much smaller one to paint- it's made of oak and it's very smooth wood compared to this cedar.

This is what we did today.

Good old Cow Town for Kansan's for Life.

It was bloomin' hot.

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