Thursday, June 2, 2016

John Deere Quilt

This green J.D. quilt is finally done!

Two different flannel tractor fabrics.  I used a rotary cutter and mat.

Sewn in alternating strips and then joined into the larger rectangle.

I laid it out on the green minky to see how much extra I had. Minky is expensive- this was two yards worth total, I didn't use it all.

I was short on two ends for the fleece lining for the middle, as I used a lot on Knox's blanket first. I basically put the fleece in the middle- sort of like an oreo cookie. I didn't want batting but it still needed some weight and insulation. 

The side here to the right of the photo was short several inches, and then at the bottom of the photo, see what looks like a straight wrinkle?  It's actually as seem. I cut off the excess from the odd shape Knox's blanket left and sewed it on the short end to make it work. (I took the photo after I fixed the first short end)

Here you can see that first "short end" better with the camera angle. The fleece is now long enough on that side. Below you can see the longer side that needs a few more inches- this is the long end I had to make up for.

Again that long white strip laying there to the side just happened to be the right shape and length I cut from Knox's left over fleece. It was just about 2 inches short of being the right length. I sewed it on, and then had to make a little square patch for what was left.

See where that rectangle cut out is?  The fabric was just not long enough (and that wasn't my fault- it was just short).

So I sewed a rectangle to it to make up for the hole.

Now his blanket has a big enough piece of fleece to make the cookie. I didn't even need to trim excess, it just came out right..lucky me because I was out of fleece.

That's how you do it folks! Making those scraps work for you.

You can't feel the seems from the fleece lining since the whole thing is sewn together in the ditches of the squares.

 I used spray batting to make the fabric stick together and then I pinned the folded green minky down on the edges to make it a self binding quilt.

It looks done there but it's just pinned.  Next I sewed all the way around it. Last I did the squares by stitching in the ditches on the tractor print side.

The minky really is slick and hard to work with- you can see where it wrinkled on me during the final phase. Oh well it's hand made and I am not a professional.

Wait mom...

Blankie brothers.

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