Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sacred Heart Tree Shrine

I have a very talented woodworking dad- he probably wouldn't claim it, but really he is- anything I have needed he has made for me- and he always does it without directions- because there never are any!
 He made my tree shrine tonight, I was soo excited I just got done painting it. I think we'll get the matching Immaculate Heart Tree Shrine up soon. He only had time for one tonight.  It's June so I really wanted to get this done before the end of the month in honor of the feasts.
  My goal is to make this a fad. So please please get one made for your yard. It's cheaper than a huge cement statue. You could use a variety of things for this- like an old bird house- just modify it a little.

I am going to screw it straight to one of HUGE Elms we have outside after I get it sealed. We'll see how long it lasts with all this wet weather, I might have it turned away from the north and southwest- our yard is canted anyway, so that will help shield it. And ya know, it is the Sacred maybe that in itself will be enough!  It's getting ready to pour right now..lots of lightning and a little boy just jumped in my bed. Thank you for the rain Lord!

Jesus Meek And Humble Of Heart, Make My Heart Like Unto Thine!

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