Sunday, July 10, 2016

County Fair days

We lived in the chicken barn this week at our county fair. It was such a horribly hot and humid week but we managed to have a ton of fun anyway.  And I kept baby Zoe and the rest of us from overheating. We drank SO MUCH, ate lots of fruit, and stayed in the shade.

Wednesday night dropped off the chickens.

Good Luck henny! See you in the morning.

We knew it was going to be super hot. So we cut off milk jugs and zip tied them to the cages. So the birds had extra big water containers. We live 45 mins from the fairgrounds, so it's not really super convenient to check on those girls (although we were out there all day/every day anyway).

They are excited to see what comes of the judging.

Dropping off the geology box.

Wednesday night- waiting to be judged later on Friday.

Genna dropping off her cookies. She brought two plates and donated one to the bake sale.

Knox getting his leather craft judged.

lol, whatever!  We went and checked out our 4-h friends' animal projects.

Finally early
Thursday morning!

His "mutt" red sex linked got a pretty sweet looking ribbon for Best in Show. She had three blues in different classes. 

The Plymouth Barred Rock got a blue and white. (White was the open class for all entries outside of 4-H, blue was 4-H)

Friday morning, finally....Purple on Entomology

Purple on Geology

Friday night! Brenden on a chicken!

So how do you keep your bored "out of their minds" hens from over-heating and flopping over?

Give them water to walk under- sort of force them and then they like it and do it willingly the next few times.

Chickens do like baths try and see. And they love warm blow dryers too in the winter, but just not on a heat advisory day... Just give them water to cool off in. Let them peck and eat the grass around the barn. These girls are not used to being cooped up in a little cage. So we got them out and let them run around a little during the day when it was slow.  We have them some apples and corn on the cob too.

Then when foot traffic in the barn picked up...we became creative.   A lot of people do have chickens nowadays, but not everyone. So our kids started greeting people at the barn door and letting them pet their hens. What I heard from comments, I think they had more people who HAD NEVER petted a chicken before than people do had.

Yup, he's got his hen trained to drink out of the water bottle.

People just couldn't believe hen's could be "pets and petted."

Even little Brenden made a great 4-H chicken ambassador.

We also swept a ton, wind does gust through occasionally, nice warm warm Kansas wind....AWWW..just making you a little bit more comfortable, but not cooler. Hot air circulating is better than stale hot air.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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