Sunday, July 24, 2016

Mint Jelly, The Poor Man's Jelly

This is the first time I have ever made this jelly. That's my rename for mint jelly.  I decided it would be more appropriate to call it 'Poor Man's Jelly'.  Mint grows like a weed, once you plan it, you may come to regret it after a few years. It's to prolific, it's free, it's the gift that keeps giving, even if you don't want it to! So since berries are so expensive. It reminds me of St. Patrick's day and the Irish- who were poor (at least my family was when they came over here). My parents were in Ireland recently too. Anywho..We used my mint out front...almost all of it to get two packed cups of leaves. 

Chopped it as fine as possible and boiled it. Added green food coloring too.

Strained it the water through cheese cloth.

Good jelly is crystal clear!

Squeeze that ball of leaves out.

I think I had four little bits of leaves get past me.  That's you mint water above, with green food coloring in it, at your Sure Jell and boil.

Add your sugar and boil it again.  Hopefully you remembered to sanitize your jars and lids- I don't have enough pots, so they all go in together. 

About half my jars always seal before the water bath, and I don't bother with them, the others get the water bath.

Mint Jelly, and boy is it sweet and very very good. Nothing like it! We are saving it for special Irish feast days we celebrate. Straight from the front flower garden to a jar!  We might have to make one more batch when it grows back again in the fall, just to be certain we will make it through the winter and have some to share ;)

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