Monday, July 25, 2016

Tea Party on the Feast of St. James

St. James’ Cake
This recipe is genuinely easy. 

I had no idea what ground almond was, until the internet told me almond flour, almond meal is more bitter FYI.
(And you only need one bag of this special flour- in a few days you will use your bag up on St. Ignatius cake)

Beat 3 eggs.

Mix the almond flour and cinnamon in another bowl.

Zest half a lemon into the eggs.

Add the two bowls together.

Make sure you spray you pan well, or line it.

Go for 12 mins and see how it looks, cook till done.

Have you cross ready to go.

Use your Ikea sifter to sprinkle on the powered sugar lightly (or in a 4 year old's case, as much as possible cause the sifter is a blast to use!)

Pull the cross off carefully.

We had Peach Tea Snapple and Tarta de Santiago for our tea party tonight. The cake is actually really good. It was a nice change from boxed mixes. You could do this cake with a boxed mixed and keep the cross decoration the same. But it's good to try foreign foods too!

I found a cute and short YouTube video of here- its really easy. Oh Santiago is James in Spanish..who knew!?

St. James pray for us!

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