Thursday, August 18, 2016

Collecting insects at midnight...almost..

I have a child who is obsessed with insect collection. I think you could compare it to those people who play Pokemon Go...yes I think they are dumb, and I am unapologetic about my stance on video games. 

Anyway, he has well over 100 species in his collection which he started this past winter. You can start catching butterflies and other larger bugs in February and March, but there are tons in the leaf litter through the winter.

So August is apparently the month for BIG MOTHS. And I mean REALLY BIG ONES. While my husband was researching moths for Knox on the internet, he found out we just missed National Moth Week.  People have moth collection parties and stay up late and bait moths and collect and photograph them. That's just more confirmation that we are out during the right months collecting them.

Last night Brad and Knox went out with flashlights till 11 pm and caught huge moths. It was the night before the full moon. They had wonderful luck bringing in some big ones.

Tonight they set up a sheet, and it also was a full moon. So that being said, we didn't catch any! lol

There were actually quite a few insects clinging to the sheet, even crickets climbing up it. But the moths in general, were no where to be found. Even in the oak trees where they were so prolific last night seemed empty. The moon light from the FULL MOON has to do with it and how they react and travel. It's amazing what an impact that has on their life. Makes you wonder about moth conservation and lighting we use outdoors. Betcha never thought about them moths like that huh?

Next week hopefully we will have better luck.  I will keep you updated ;)

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