Friday, August 12, 2016

Do a polish tea pary- get ready for St. Maximilian Kolbe now.

Okay, I am giving you a heads up. Now is the time to run to World Market or another grocery store, buy your imported cakes or cookies or candy. Whatever you can find from Poland. We are going to have a Polish tea party, okay? You have two days to prep...get going. Look at my old post for more ideas.

This is from World Market. They are called "HIT".

Made in Poland.

Also buy your Prince Polo wafers.  World Market didn't have the big packages like they did last year. They also weren't selling their black currant Quadratini wafers either...BOO!  We'll make due though. You also have the option of looking on Amazon. They have lots to choose from in their gourmet foods. And it's more convenient. 

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