Friday, August 12, 2016

Feasts of St. Lawrence and St. Clare

The church just celebrated to big saints, St. Lawrence on the 10th and St. Clare on the 11th. 
  The tradition for St. Lawrence goes that we eat something cold to honor him. I made huge 2 foot long sub sandwiches, which of course were gobbled up and had very little left over.  Genna's homework today was on St. Lawrence and she drew a picture of him on the gridiron. I wasn't expecting her to go that route- seems more like a thing her brother would do. But she really did a good job! lol I am sure St. Lawrence would approve.

That was her third sandwich. 

Then for the feast of St. Clare we celebrated by listening to our Glory Story about her and eating and Italian dinner of spaghetti and meat sauce and then a tea party cheese cake.

See the monstrance? It's okay to laugh! lol!  I put jam in the bottom of my cheesecakes. This year homemade triple berry jam I made back in July.

Of course an Italian drink.

We got our Monstrances out we designed last year and set them out. If you know St. Clare you know about the miracle. We might make new ones next year, they kids still enjoy these.

St. Lawrence and St. Clare pray for us!

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