Sunday, August 7, 2016

Mid West Catholic Family Conference

I love this conference, the speakers, the socialization, the Catholic vendors, the orchestra at mass!!  I really enjoyed the Eucharistic procession this year. My oldest son, father, my daughter's Godfather (played the music) and my husband were all part of it in some form. 
 I would like to invite you all to come next year. You are immersed in a loving Catholic environment free to speak the truth and not be afraid of who you are talking to. It's like a heavy dose of medicine and beefs you up so your ready to go into battle again.  We are talking a couple thousand's huge.

So the kids who made their First Communion since the last conference were invited to walk in the Eucharistic Procession at the end of the night.

So. much. fun.  He loved it!

Daddy even got to block traffic for the procession in his Dodge Charger.

He's so cute, couldn't get enough of it.

He kept smiling at us.

Okay so my dad is holding the canopy in the rear left.

We were at the very front, but this procession was extremely long...very very very long. It takes everyone a long time to catch up to the front.

Beautiful outdoor adoration! And the rain stayed away.

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