Friday, August 12, 2016

St. Michael's Catholic School back to school pictures 2016

Can you believe it? We started school three weeks ago!  We were scheduled for 5 weeks ago, then I changed it to 4, but I felt so bad for the kids' summer being shortened, so three is where we landed. So that last week before schools started we took a stay-cation- I think that's the term.  We went to the zoo, water parks, YMCA climbing, Exploration Place, playgrounds, played with friends/ family, Mass, we did something every day of the week sometimes twice a day. We let our summer go out with a bang. Here's out back to school pictures.  

Genna in 2nd grade this year and Brenden- Preschool and maybe Kindergarten depending on how his speech therapy goes- poor guy hit the end of the hoe going down a slide...don't ask!

Knox in 3rd grade. His baptismal feast day was yesterday. 

Last night he had a real nightmare. He woke up last night in a cold sweat and his teeth and body tremoring, I could hear him in the hallway. I thought he was coughing sort of loud and went in to see him. He was wide eyed dazed looking and scared. He started weeping he had just finished a years worth of math and "then again tomorrow..said he couldn't tell me what was going on"- I was worried he was holding back a bad secret since he was so upset. 
I couldn't figure out if he was delirious from a fever or just waking up from a bad dream. But I suspected fever because of him being sweaty, even though he had none on the digital thermometer. I gave him Tylenol and tried to get more out of him on what was going on with his math assignments. He seemed coherent enough. Then he said, "I am going to throw up.", and he got up out of bed. He returned the Tylenol to the toilet but nothing else came up. I had him get in the shower for 15 minutes to wake up and to help regulate his body temp- I was still worried about a fever. He seemed okay and had no idea what he was saying to me but that his math was stupid and didn't make sense to him. (HE DIDN'T SEEM ASLEEP AT ALL)
 The next morning still no fever. BUT I asked him what in the world that math stuff was all about. He said, "Oh that was so weird, I dreamed I finished a whole math book and it took me all day long. It was a whole years worth of math. Then I was supposed to wake up the next day and do another years worth of math again and I got sick from it." Knox said he was so upset he wasn't allowed to do anything except math and it was hard and didn't understand it all but he felt trapped doing it. I am not sure who his teacher was.. I need to ask him that! lol
 SO, my poor kid had anxiety from a dream last night, enough to give him cold sweats and to throw up. Kids are so darn sensitive, I needed that to remind me to be careful and not burn them out on anything!
Oh and the only medicine he had been given was Claritin- cause we all have typical Kansas allergy problems right now. I read it can cause anxiousness, so that may have been a factor as well. 

bigger smiles!

Their schultutes had washi tape, playmobil, new holy cards, Genna got a large talc powder case and a puff, and Melissa and Doug books.  We skipped candy this year.

Knox had his Playmobil schultute boy.

Brenden can't do a normal picture for long. EVER.

Hope you have a great school year!  And if you haven't started yet, no worries, we all have our own timing and reasons for when we start. Don't compare yourself to others. My reasons and circumstances are different than yours. 

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