Wednesday, August 17, 2016

St. Roch's Fingers

St. Roch's Feast day is August 16th- remember the story of him and the dog and the bread?  I found a yummy little recipe to honor him involving lady's fingers and real custard.. little sketchy on the custard, but lady's can you go wrong with that?

So you know real custard is made from egg yolks....right? 

So I do believe I made it right, it was sweet and I put brandy flavor in it, but I just couldn't eat it. So without telling the kids what I put into it, they tried it and about gagged too from the texture. I did whip it...oh well. 

So we substituted some instant pudding. I put about 4 lady's fingers in each cup. Then poured in the half set pudding and refrigerated them covered. That let the lady's fingers cakes absorb the liquid a bit and get soft. Add a whipped topping and a cherry. Normally I guess custard would sit over night and you would garnish the whipped cream with shaved chocolate too.

Finger licking-
much better!

St. Roch Ora Pro Nobis!

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