Sunday, September 25, 2016

Earrings, butterflies and soccer, no A/C, big spider!

This has been life lately. I have been gone more away from home this month than any other month I think.

I am trying to figure out how to sell these online through my blog. I don't want the Etsy overhead or anything to do with Paypal. I will probably just have to take orders through emails and do the traditional money exchange. Hopefully I will get some holiday orders. I have parts coming in the mail will have photos to display for you to chose from.

So besides staying up really late for the last week, I have also been watching my kids raise butterflies and play soccer.

Cats do poo a lot, its technically called frass.. Oh frass!  Okay just kidding! haha..only an Entomologist would get that.

Monarch #3


 Until soccer season is over, I am pinned down.

We have double headers, usually at least 4 games on a Saturday.

Campfires are fun, especially when your A/C doesn't work.

First time riding in a car shopping cart.  Always a picture moment!

She is wondering if this is legal?

Free donuts at Krispy Kreme on "National Talk like a Pirate Day"!  And we ran into our friend's pirate husband.

Trips to the park for more insects... you should see my freezers.

He was so cute! Love snails!

REALLY huge spiders.

Seeing Daddy at work. Always a highlight for him and us. Who doesn't love a cop holding a baby? You have something wrong with you if you don't!

Eating cereal for the first time. I am never in a rush to start solids...sometime after 9 months.

And another first..he learned to pin his own bugs. I didn't help at all. He put the pin through the thorax and spread it's legs on his own at our Entomology meeting. How many 4 year olds have the dexterity to do that?  Give them a chance and they will surprise you.

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