Saturday, September 10, 2016

Happy Feast of the Birth of Mary

Blueberries over cream cheese frosting and white cake. Blueberries in the middle.

Ave Maria!

We have had a busy week here. I have a lot on my mind with our 4 year old's future and how to approach learning with him. He has some speech issues we are trying to work through. The poor kid was born blue (which I wont forget that shade of blue) from a prolapsed cord which resulted in a REAL emergency c-section, not the unplanned kind from slow/no labor like my last baby girl Zoe. That lack of O2 is probably what's hindering things now. 

Lots to look forward to as well as you can see, we are hoping for musical instruction- can you spot the missing part?  And we are now on our 5th caterpillar do you see the little one? So that should make us butterfly farmers in addition to being urban chicken farmers.

We have a great weekend planned as long as our soccer games don't get rained out!

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