Tuesday, September 27, 2016

sewing with the 4-H girls

We hosted 3 meetings at our house this past week- Little Flowers, Familia and 4-H. That was in addition to all the normal stuff we do plus homeschooling. And my husband was transferred to 1st shift on Wednesday- his day off, and reported to 1st shift Saturday.  

So our lives went from one meal a week together now to at least 5 meals a week together.  That's the good part! Life plans are always going to change and we sure are going to be making some schedule changes. At least he can drive kids somewhere in the evenings for now. I just don't know about my day time stuff- that's going to be reworked. AND THANK GOODNESS OUR A/C IS STILL WORKING!

I talked about making these bags a few weeks ago. 4-H kids can recycle their animals feed bags into reusable grocery bags. They could be sold to fund raise for their club or fund their animal project up till the fair.

Genna and her rabbit feed bag.

2 pig bags,  1 chicken bag and a rabbit bag.

I love that picture of the bunnies. Speaking of bunnies, our black rabbit got out again- 4th time, BEFORE mass on Sunday. Knox chased him down in his church clothes as we were getting in the van- that's when we saw him. It's the 3rd time that's happened before or after a mass.

Speaking of mass, look who showed up on duty to join us for mass this past Sunday. How blessed are we to have daddy join us? So grateful Sunday mornings are slow for police.
Zoe learned to wave bye-bye Sunday morning. So on the way into church she was waving to everyone, and during mass too. It was so darn cute. She couldn't stop waving.

Brenden started speech therapy this week- big boy stuff going on!

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