Saturday, October 29, 2016

Happy Hallowed Weekend! Cutest Baby NUN EVER!

All Saints Day 2016

She was so cute, I actually kept taking pics! I love babies!

Fr. Emil Kapaun (with his pipe) and St. Magnus

Much more refined with the pipe wouldn't you say?

And St. Joan finally got her costume on. Right out of the shoot, first time we get everyone looking! WHOOT!

You can stop here if  you want, I am just letting you scroll through the rest to see how normal my kids are- they are just like everyone else's kids... they don't want to stand there and take pictures. The rest is to humor you.

Aaaannnddd.. we start playing with the leaves, and my phone keeps snapping when it hears me say "keep smiling!"

Instead of Fr. Kapaun, Brenden is now Beetle Bailey.

Got the baby looking again.

oh wait....nm she's not looking and I have now really lost Brenden.

Brenden be ready!

eating leaves?  This is the end..At least Fr. Kapaun's face is visible now.

Fr. Kapaun is a riot

Oh goodness I just want one more with everyone looking up.

Well, except for Fr. Kapaun.

That pipe! uh!

Getting better....and wait.. nope (See below)

aaaaannnnd Mother Teresa is crawling away..

(Yea, how many pictures was that? I think maybe just two or three came out.)

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