Monday, October 3, 2016

Playing Hookie at the pumpkin patch

I think this is our 5th year going to this Pumpkin farm. My husband won't miss it. He loves it so much he takes a whole shift off work to go.

Some of our group- another tractorful was missing.

I guess you can eat the flowers... our pumpkin guide told the kids to try them.

covered wagon ride

All the kids and cousins and my husband.

This was Zoe Therese's first time out.

Big ol' corn sensory bin! Can't get much more sensory than this!

Zoe loved it!

We also celebrated St. Therese's Feast Day with a tea party luncheon in her honor. We sure have been cramming our feast days in, but the kids don't care, they love to celebrate it even if it's a small "party".

St. Therese of Lisieux pray for us!

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