Sunday, October 30, 2016

St. Magnus, Earl of Orkney and some funny tales

Inspired by Knox's costume tonight I went ahead and painted St. Magnus this evening. He has eyes, I just took the picture before I got them done...looks weird huh?

I love his little horns.

He needs a sword or ax or something, I haven't figured it out yet.

We had a busy day starting to celebrate All Saints day (already!) We painted pumpkins, and made rice krispie treats. Then I even caught a mouse by the tail! And it was super TINY cute in a gross way.. YIKES!  I really was desperate not to let it escape into my garage where we keep our grain for our animals some some sweet hay (our cat went missing a few months ago)- we had mice destroy a fridge's wiring before in our garage. So sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! Even if that means picking up a sweet teeny mouse!

They wouldn't let me kill him, honestly I don't think I could have, so they took him far far away to "Butterfly Meadow".

And you know, I bet there are more baby mice hanging around..ooh boy.

They thought it was sooo cute!

Thank goodness it's washable! It's everywhere!

And we went trunk or treating tonight and we got to "visit heaven"! We ran into our dentist and his really cool family. I love his wife! They made HEAVEN! And of course Dr. Reichenberger was "God" with a white beard and all!  Katie, his wife, was "Our Lady of Guadalupe" and in true saintly dentist style, he gave out beautiful crucifixes to the kids!

We were also accompanied by two of their Jesuit saints, St. Francis Xavier and St. Ignatius of Loyola.

And here's another amusing one for you, let's file it under, "Confessions of a Sacristan."  Friday Knox and I have double duty at mass, I do the mass prep and he is an altar server. Zoe has been pooping lately only in the van, and normally it's every Friday exactly when we are getting off at our exit to St. Anthony's. Now I don't know what makes her do it every time right then. The angle of the car seat, the fact she is immobilized by her seat belt straps, maybe she hasn't had time to relax all week and felt that the car trip there is most relaxing? (ALTHOUGH- she does ride quite a bit in the car all week anyway-so that last point may not be a valid one) 
  Either way, she poops and it's huge and messy every time I take her out of her car seat- it's guaranteed up her back. SO yes, this past Friday I found it just starting to soak through up her back and into her car seat. Luckily I got her out in time and it was wipeable still out of the seat. However, football cradling her into the church to prevent my nice white shirt and skirt from getting breastmilk poop on them only upset the darling thing. So she worked herself up so that I could barely get the church alarm shut off without creating a sloshier mess.
We get to the baby changing table, there is no way I can even sit her down on it at this point. She is grabbing me and her hands are now grubby....sigh. I give up call the other sacristan and then our priest at the office- he must have thought WWW III was happening by the screaming in the background! lol! I did eventually get her cleaned up but I had to leave with the two middle kids, and I left Knox to serve mass. 
At home we briefly encountered Brad who was just arriving from errands, Brenden sucked him into going to mass with us and we all returned at the homily! So I guess we got one more soul to mass that day! And we all helped set up for a wedding that afternoon.  
I will bring myself a change of clothes next week. I haven never actually had to leave somewhere to change my clothes from a diaper accident, it's my 4th baby. I guess we all have poo stories don't we? OH I have a great regurgitation story for you actually- two in fact. We'll save that for another kid rearing joke time. It's all a doozy as well.

If you love babies even after they poo on you, here's my plug for the election.  REMEMBER VOTE FOR THE ELECTABLE PRO-LIFE CANDIDATE- TRUMP! (Electable being the key word)

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