Saturday, November 5, 2016

hand washing chasubles in the bathroom sink

Although this isn't a terrible exciting post in terms of creativity and homeschooling or a fun feast day party, none the less, some of you might find it interesting. How often do we think about how dirty our priest's chasuble's are? Today, while prepping mass, the lady I worked, with figured out our priest's chasubles and albs were looking a bit dingy. We tried to think back to when someone offered to go get them dry cleaned and it's been at least a year ;) But with so many layers of clothes underneath you would think going a year is probably okay but the collar of those chasuble's and albs get sweaty I imagine.

It was decided I would take them to be dry cleaned since the cleaners was in my side of town.
I didn't even take half of what was in the closet, because I needed to find time in the Liturgical Calendar when he DIDN'T need certain colors, but I took enough to keep me busy all the same.

And what ended up happening was a bit of an experiment. I started wondering if the chasubles were even washable- made from polyester blend or another non shrinkable fabric. Our priest's vestments all came from Vietnam so I was a bit worried about replacement value- sentimental and such. With all the fancy stitching on them, I wondered if it might get "pilly or fuzzy" from a machine. So I ended up spray treating them and dunking them in a sink. 

Shout "Spray in Wash" is a good friend of mine, probably yours too.

Yea, that's a dirty collar...poor Father! When you are wearing it you don't tend to notice how bad it is- since it's a gradual build up of gunk.

And oh there's a bathroom sink.

And that's the same collar after the sink. When I compared my photos, I was pleased. It's hard to tell sometimes how dark stains are as they gradually disappear, especially on a garment I don't even own- not being one to regularly inspect it. I found some fine pink pencil marks or something that made pink stains towards the lower front left, but couldn't get them out- not even scrubbing with a toothbrush. I am pretty sure Father won't stress at all though, no one can see them except me.

Well,  what could possibly be ashes, old spit up from baby holding? or coffee? 

In goes the Ordinary Time, this is a weekday vestment- not the nice Sunday one.  (I will need to get those on a Sunday and wash them through the week)

And not it's not really gone looking at these photos. But when it dried it was...weird! Whew that sink washing works just fine.

So while I was working through these I was waiting on them to drip dry a bit and then planned to throw them in the dryer. It was taking so long and it was so messy with the slick tile floor (lets face it I don't have all day, I don't even have 30 minute time blocks most the time to dedicate to one project)

So it got wrapped up in towels and squeezed out and then thrown in the dryer.

The last one so go was the heavy red chasuble. It was a weird mystery fabric and it was the only one that wrinkled in the dryer but didn't shrink though thankfully. I am pretty sure since it's used less, it wasn't as dirty. I actually tried to iron it out on the hottest setting, and it sort of helped, but not completely. But once I hung it up, it seemed to straighten out. It looked fine. The alb for visiting priests was thrown into the wash- it was cruddy looking for some reason, but cleaned up nice.  And that's the "special" toothbrush I scrubbed the necks with.

Since Knox serves frequently, I see how very very dirty all the altar boy surplices are, so those will be coming home on Sunday with me after we meet in the church for violin practice. Since we have no mass on Mondays- so I can wash them then and bring them back Tuesday. Good thing I have a big washing machine, cause that closet is full of them. I am sort of scared how many hangers I have to pull out, I am thinking I will just fill up my large laundry basket. Don't worry I will post about it too, for your amusement. Until then....hopefully this will hold you over for a giggle.

Here's a great photo of my husband! Tough guys can wear sparkle band aids- thank you nurse! LOL! He is smiling- you can see it peeking out, when I told him to pull up his sleeve he cracked a smile!

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