Sunday, November 6, 2016

More chasubles, cassocks and surplices with repairs

So what do you do on a Saturday night? Me- Wash these things!

We made it to mass tonight and dropped of the chasubles on the way in. Then of course afterward we took all most the rest. There were the black ones and a few other random ones we left behind, they looked pretty clean.  
  Want to know how chasubles smell? Well at least in our church's closet- a bit like old smoke, they needed airing out. The fancier purple and red ones definitely weren't dirty but just needed a really good rinsing and airing.

So here is my house again full of clean chasubles and stolls. I ended up doing the fancy Sunday ones- with the satin and gold stitching (I hear sometimes its real) in the sink as well. I tested the purple (darkest color) one first to see how it dried and whether or not the fabric changed. It didn't change the glossiness of the satin at all! I did not throw those fancy ones in the dryer. They are hanging on the backs of the doors over tile and towels to drip dry through the night.

 And I also tested one of father's regular not so fancy but valuble Vietnamese chasubles in the washer on a gentle cycle. It came out great as well. I spun one down to get excess sink water out of it in our washer too. Then they all went in the dryer.

Tomorrow we might get to the altar boy's stuff...that closet was very full. I might need more then one trip for them.  At least those all can be done in the washing machine.
 The fancy ones were still a little wet at the bottom (from gravity) in the morning- so I hung them up on the shower curtain rod and let the fan blow on them all morning- they were dry by early afternoon.


Today we dropped off the garments you see listed above, and then picked up the "old fashioned black cassocks and white surplices. I didn't even get to the hooded white albs the altar boys use with the rope waists yet. These traditional black cassocks and white surplices are probably as old as I am, or older. The necklines on some of them were yellow from neglect. 

So this afternoon I washed 14 surplices and 15 cassocks. 
 OF THOSE 15 cassocks: One cassock is non repairable, 4 black buttons are missing off the rest (I will search the closet floors for them when we get back), 4 cassocks needed 5 arm pits repairs, or 1 neckline or a sleeve sewn, shoulder hole, or velcro sewn.

This one obviously was unusable- it was ripped when the altar server jerked the snaps open and never got repaired. Now it has been resurrected.

It's not pretty, but no one will ever be able to tell unless you are 6 inches from the servers neck.

The pile of surplices you see below- they were washed twice, first time air dried so I could see what stains were left, and then treated for stains and thrown back in.

5 arm pit repairs later and 1 neck line....seriously hard use on these things, they have had a nice long life at St. Anthony's. I was sort of giggling to myself at all the burn holes in the surplices! Guess that's a hazard in altar boy job world.

I already had my sewing machine ready to go.

Big blown arm pit! Yikes!

So tomorrow we will bring home the white hoodie albs and get them cleaned up and see what needs repair on them.  I really hasn't taken too long for the repairs and cleaning. Then hopefully I will be done! Everyone will be smelling ERA and Purex Crystals fresh up there on the altar for a little while!

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