Saturday, December 17, 2016

2016 Saint Peg Doll Exchange

I know you guys love these peg doll posts and can't wait to see the latest photos from the exchange!

Oh course you must pay a toll to get by Jenny!! Haha jk! 
 Anyway here they are..including the cute little boys- my kids, posing behind the tables, they wanted to be in the photos apparently!

Father gave us a blessing as well as our pegs.

St. Catherine Laboure by Susie and St. Padre Pio, by Megan.

St. Andrew the Apostle, by Jenny, and St. Brigid of Ireland, by me.

St. Elizabeth of Hungry by Sarah who moved to Oklahoma! She just happened to be in town for Christmas so it worked out well.

St. John (apostle and Gospel writer) by Danielle

St. Valentine in the red in the middle by Stacy.

The ones in the back were Fr. Emil Kapaun pegs that were from last years exchange that finally got done and turned over to be be given to last years participants. We were so excited to finally get them and they were excellent!

Megan did St. Padre Pio, she started us off tonight.

So we received seven pegs plus our left over peg Fr. Kapaun from last year for a total of eight dolls. My kids also received the five I painted for St. Nicholas' feast day as gifts. So that's 13 pegs we added to our collection this year so far, for a total of 64. I am working on 3 kings currently, as well as Genna's quilt.

St. Martin of Tours, St. Sebastian, St. Magnus, St. Florian and Blessed Imelda Lambertini.

The projects are slow going this year, although I can say I have done 5 blankets total so far. This one for Genna is my 6th, but only my 3rd full size quilt this year, the others were smaller kids/baby blanket and quilts.

I need a few more late nights of no kids interrupting to get it done in time. It will be a late one tonight.Hope you enjoyed the exchange pictures, thank you to all the ladies who again made it happen~ we love our pegs!

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