Tuesday, December 20, 2016

6 more saint peg dolls

So little Brenden says to me, "Mommy you done with all those other peg dolls you were making us for Christmas?" He thinks more are coming- it doesn't realize St. Nicholas gave them all, so I said well you just got some from St. Nick and the peg doll exchange, he said no I want the ones your making us for Christmas.....gulp!

SOOOO....here ya go, I am getting some more done...how can I say no? He is my little buddy.

3 Kings, Casper, Melchoir and Balthazar

St. Hubert

Archbishop Fulton Sheen

He was easy- my sister Erin had a good example done already I copied.

St. Hubert has a lot of cool details.

He looks like Robin Hood.


Horn and quiver of arrows.

Red feather in cap.

St. Zita and her apron of flowers.

Keys and bread.


more to come tomorrow!

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